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Gram-Ti // GT Dual Ball Bearing

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Gram-Ti Ultra High Flow turbocharger

In 2018 together with the engineering company Extreme-Tuners series of Gram-Ti turbochargers has been developed. Thanks to the ultralight weight of components, and high-quality materials, it has turned out to solve the main task - the earliest spool of the turbocharger. Thanks to shape of shovels of UHF (Ultra High Flow), the earliest spool and good expulsion is reached, that we receive gain of power in all range that allows to use fully the turbocharger on pressure more than 2 bars.

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About Forced Performance Turbo Engineering

Since 2010 the Forced Performance company is engaged in individual development of own line of turbochargers on the basis of ball bushings. Thanks to experience in motorsport, it was succeeded to achieve excellent results, as in the performance of turbochargers, and their reliability.

Garrett Dual Ball Bearing

The Forced-Performance company has developed the line of dual ball bearing turbochargers, based on technology of turbochargers of Garrett GT/GTX of ruler. The main difference from dual ball bearing turbochargers of Garrett GT/GTX, this use of the improved bearing with the bronze separator. It has been processed and its characteristics have been improved towards endurance.

Black Performance GTX82.68 gen.2 // GTX3582 Dual Ball Bearing

BLACK Performance

Ball Bearing Turbocharger

Black Performance, is the most demanded and popular series of turbochargers from Forced-Performance. Is the cornerstone of series 8mm turbine shaft, and the double ceramic bearing which is completely compatible to the bearing of Garrett. Thanks to it, it is possible to repair any ball Garrett and HKS turbocharger

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Black Performance // GT Dual Ball Bearing

RED Ultimate

Motorsport environment turbocharger

Series of RED Ultimate turbochargers first of all is directed to car sports audience. It allows to receive the maximum kickback and reliability that is paramount task for motorsport.

In the range RED Ultimate turbochargers from 450 HPs till 1300 are presented to HP. Thanks to such wide range, it is possible to pick up the turbocharger, under the concrete volume of the motor, task and to receive the maximum result.

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We have the largest range of hybrid turbochargers in the world

Hybrid turbocharger

One, and greatest advantage of the hybrid turbocharger is full of change of configuration, at preservation of factory installation of the turbocharger. Our hybrid turbochargers are based on ball bearing technology, and in the majority of configurations the ball cartridge of the Gram-Ti series is used, it allows to receive good low spool with high reliability.

  • The hybrid turbocharger is change of design of the turbocharger, adaptation of other type of the cartridge in regular turbine housings. It is possible, also transition to other type of the bearing. Very frequent task of hybrid turbochargers, is installation of the ball cartridge in cases of the standard turbocharger.
  • Tuning of the turbocharger is change of parameters of the regular turbocharger within its versions. Installation of the increased compressor wheel is made. Depending on task, also the size of turbine shaft can change. Adaptation of supplies of oil and antifreeze is not required. The turbocharger is installed completely to the regular place.
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Black Performance GTX82.68 gen.2 // GTX3582 Dual Ball Bearing

Garrett, HKS, Precision turbo

Remanufacturing Turbochargers

Forced Performance is an experienced remanufacturer of motorsport turbochargers, from units designed and built in house. It’s not just contemporary turbochargers that are remanufactured at Forced Performance. This service is also available on a number of historic units, maintaining their historic performance and look but as a zero miles unit.

Motorsport rebuilds are an extremely popular service and therefore Forced Performance hold full stock lines and employ specific staff to ensure everything needed is on hand to remanufacture turbochargers as quickly as possible.

Forced Performance know the problems and time restrictions involved in motorsport, the date of the event is the date of the event and it can't be changed, therefore every effort is made to help in these circumstances.

Rebuild ball bearing turbochargers
Black Performance GTX82.68 gen.2 // GTX3582 Dual Ball Bearing
Black Performance GTX82.68 gen.2 // GTX3582 Dual Ball Bearing

Upgrade Performance Turbocharger

Upgrade of configuration of the ball turbocharger

Upgrade of turbochargers Garrett, HKS, Holset with replacement by more productive compressor wheels is available. vailable upgrade from GT series in GTX.

  • Garrett GT2860 to Garrett GTX2868R gen.2
  • Garrett GT3076 to Garrett GTX3076R
  • Garrett GT3582 to Garrett GTX3582R, Garrett 3584R gen.2


We have the largest range of hybrid turbochargers in the world, If you can't find a hybrid turbocharger in our huge catalogue we can build a bespoke turbocharger to your specification. Our incorporating BorgWarner EFR technologies and Garrett GT Ball Bearing, makes us world leading specialists in hybrid turbo technology.

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Build a hybrid to your specification.

Largest range of hybrid turbochargers

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